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Indeed Player wrote the foreward for the book in which he praises Cook for his ‘wonderful, intuitive gift for imparting his knowledge and technical instruction both simply and effectively.’

To improve your bunker player, for example, Cook says the best way is to practice without a ball.

"Believe it or not it’s the ball that often puts us off," he says. "We are worried that with the speed we have to hit the sand, we will hit the ball first and it will fly miles over the green."

Instead, he suggests: "Next time you practice, leave the balls outside the bunker, draw small circles about five inches in diameter and practise splashing those circles of sand on to the green."

Then, he says, with the balls in place surrounded by the drawn circles, repeat the exercise concentrating on splashing the circles and the balls will lob out on a cushion of sand.

I’ve tried it and it worked wonders for my bunker confidence.

On a more controversial note, Cook believe that with the improvement in new technology we carry twice as many

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in our bags as we should.

With long

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, replaced by a rescue clubs, large drivers titanium-headed and so easy to hit and balls with dimples and core construction keeping them long and on the straight and narrow, courses and their traditional bunkering are being overwhelmed, he claims.

"I believe the skill factor would remain if we only had seven clubs in our bags," says Cook.

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